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Ultra Colloidal Iron 50 ppm 16 Oz.

Ultra Colloidal Iron 50 ppm 16 Oz.

Ultra Colloidal Iron 50 ppm 16 oz.

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Ultra Colloidal Iron 50 ppm 16 oz.  

Colloidal Iron contains nano size iron particles that play a very important role in all body functions including the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin, transportation of oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body, carrying and storing oxygen for muscle use, energy and enzyme production, and immune function.

Colloidal Iron is cell ready. It is in a liquid form. Other iron supplements are useable up to about 7%. The rest passes through, unused. So you are wasting about 93% of your money down the drain.


Our Colloidal Iron supplement is 99.9% "USEABLE" Iron. More Iron for your dollar actually reaches your body and is in a useable form. 

Taking Colloidal Iron supplements can result in increased energy levels, better brain function, and an overall better outward appearance. Since a lack of iron can cause brittle nails, hair loss, dry skin, and other skin conditions, having enough iron through iron supplements can greatly improve your appearance.





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