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"Elixir of Gold" Ultra Colloidal Gold 240 ppm 8 Oz.

"Elixir of Gold" Ultra Colloidal Gold 240 ppm 8 Oz.

Ultra Colloidal Gold 240 ppm 8oz.

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Colloidal Gold is a unique trace mineral supplement with extraordinary features valuable for its broad-spectrum support of a healthy high-performance body, mind, and balanced mood.


1. Reducing the swelling and pain of arthritis 
2. Brain function 
3. Blood circulation
4. Improving digestion 
5. Rejuvenating sluggish organs 
6. Emotional conditions including depression and anxiety 
7. Promote healthier skin and the healing of skin ulcers 
8. Promote the healing of burns 
9. Alcohol addiction
10. Stress relief

Colloidal Gold has been used to treat obesity, depression, cancer, arthritis, stress, irregular heart rhythms, libido and stress.

"Elixir of Gold" Colloidal Gold combines the natural beneficial qualities of the trace mineral gold with the latest developments in colloidal technology to support the body's natural ability to achieve overall health and well being. 

Colloidal Gold suspension of nanometer size particulates is expected, however: the means of producing a quality Colloidal gold product must by necessity involve the process known as "Arc Vapor" rather than the usual electrolysis process. Arc Vapor processes used by SMM are currently achieving the smallest particulate sizes and concentrations available in the industry. The identity marker for any gold colloid is the presence of color, usually exhibited depending amount of gold isotopes concentration and source anywhere between a reddish yellow to a deep violet in color. 

Our product has a guaranteed high concentration (240 ppm) with a particle size of less than .001 microns. The purity of the gold used to make our colloid is 0.9999! The mean size of the gold particles is 1.4 nanometers and the micro-molecules contain only about 85 gold atoms each.




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